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Reliability, safety, and efficiency improvements with more effective inspections

We're a fellow utility

We’re committed to providing innovative, best-in-class services and thought leadership to help drive progress for our customers and communities.

Our innovative inspection processes solve the hardships with using drones and robotics for regular inspections

Fleet Management

We manage Exelon’s shared fleet of drones and robotics, giving us access to the latest technology to address the industry’s most complex inspection needs.

Automated Flight

Our expert knowledge of utility assets helps us automate drones and robots for safer, more efficient, and repeatable results on every inspection.

Data Security

We protect your data on secure servers built and approved to nuclear cybersecurity standards.

Machine Learning

We streamline our workflows with machine learning that takes the guess work out of delivering you the best insights about your system reliability.

Artificial Intelligence

Our investments in artificial intelligence are aimed at delivering the most effective critical infrastructure inspections by mitigating risks of human error.

Actionable Reports

We don’t give you data. We deliver actionable insights that help you remediate and improve your system reliability.

We use the right tools for the job.

We have decades of experience as the nation’s leading energy provider that runs deep in every stage of the energy ecosystem, and a robust inventory of drones, robotics, and sensors to perform any inspection.

Discover new insight with our innovative inspection solutions

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