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Data Analytics Built Specifically for Drone Inspections of Utility Assets

You have more important things to do than spending hours analyzing images collected by a drone after each inspection.

How it works

Image Processing

Our system parses the raw images collected during the inspection process and assigns them to their respective assets using the drone’s flight data and the geospatial data of your system. The images are then scanned by our recognition software that is capable of detecting the slightest anomalies, defects, and changes.

Intelligent Algorithms

Powered by special intelligent algorithms, our advanced analytical engine takes the discoveries from the image processing and assigns the appropriate conditions and recommendations. The dataset is indexed and compiled into a reportable format, and the results are delivered to the inspection crew for final agreement.

Work Order Creation

After a subject matter expert has reviewed and agreed with the results of AeroLabs’ analytical assessment and inspection results, the system – when enabled – will automatically initiate new work orders using pre-defined criterion. The status of the work orders is tracked and logged down to the asset level.

Machine Learning

The entire process is made more efficient with our unique machine learning algorithms that are trained by utility SMEs to learn from your inspectors’ interpretations, the status of work orders, and any changes detected with your assets. Our system’s goal is to give you the most efficient reporting capabilities and the safest inspections possible.

Everything your crews need packed into a tablet

Our tablet-based app contains all the necessary tools for field crews to complete their missions.

It even works in remote locations by pre-downloading mission data and providing offline access when an internet connection isn not available. When an internet connection is re-established, the application automatically syncs with the cloud to upload the new data, and also downloads data for the next missions in the queue.

Get the right data with every inspection

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